Nicola Bendtner blackmail

Nicolas Bendtner and Julie Zangenberg blackmail

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Nicolas Bendtner and Julie Zangenberg in bed photos

More footballer dirty behaviour almost spread out to the world, this time is Denmark’s striker Nicolas Bendtner who almost became the protagonist of dirty couple. According to the Danish newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” that Bendtner has left his laptop in his beloved girlfriend Julie Zangenberg’s car seat whilst the love birds went on shopping. Whilst they were having fun time shopping, by the time they returned to the car realised that Bendtner’s laptop had been stolen!

Never leave valuables in your vehicle

A laptop left in the car is just giving an opportunity to thief, but a laptop doesn’t cost Bendtner one hour of his wages who is currently unhappy at Arsenal. The panic moment for Bendtner was that inside the laptop, there were over hundreds of his and his girlfriend images when they were in bed doing things that normal couple do! Obviously, it’s never a good idea upload yours and your partners dirty photos into your computer.

Bendtner and Zangenberg nightmare shopping trip
Naughty in bed photos, so close being sold off!

The smart thief switched on the laptop noisy around what information he could get out of it, and bingo! It Nicolas Bendtner’s laptop, and full of his person details inside in which the thief had called Bendtner pretended he found his stolen laptop. The thief had asked for 25,000 Danish kroner (approximately £2,600). Bendtner immediately went to the police and asked for help, the police successfully capture the thief and very fortunate that these naughty photos had not yet broadcast to the world wide web!

If I was the thief, I would have uploaded these pictures or sell it onto the media! Silly thief, footballer can be stupid sometimes, but never blackmail the footballers! Take Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney’s case about their cameras was found by a couple who eventually blackmail the England striker by asking £50,000 to return their camera! Again, the couple were sent to jail for 3 months.

Remember the Euro 2012 that Bendtner were showing off his pants with a sponsorship deal with Paddy Power? Under UEFA rules, players are not allow to help or to sell advertising materials whilst playing in a competitive match. A fine was ordered Bendtner to pay a fine of €100,000 (£75,000), that was seriously cheap compare to the thief who only asked for £2,600, oh come on Bendtner, just pay the poor guy.